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Tim Matsui, the Genesis Project, and Seattle’s underage sex workers

I have followed photojournalist, Tim Matsui, and his work with the Alexia Foundation for about nine months. It was in his articles I first learned of the Genesis Project, an outreach to underage sex workers in the Seattle area, to help them leave the life or at least give them shelter and care for a time. It was started by a police officer who wanted to help rather than just arrest these kids. I’m excited to see their stories in this documentary.

Coming Soon: “The Long Night” – A Feature-Length Documentary by Tim Matsui & MediaStorm.

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Seattle police officer starts a rescue project for domestic minor sex trafficking victims

The Genesis Project was started by Deputy Andy Conner in the Seattle area in 2011. Their target group is victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). Deputy Conner used to arrest prostitutes, now he helps them get out of the life. Blessings on this man and may more like him rise up.

Below are links to the Genesis Project and a powerful article by a photojournalist named Tim Matsui, another great man rising up and doing something to make a difference. Mr. Matsui’s article led me to the Genesis project. Matsui is doing a photojournalism research study on DMST in the Seattle area.


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