Book 4

Book 4 Cover 1


Elena is gone. Swallowed by Anakh’s void.

The Guardians’ hopes of saving their realm vanish with her. If Anakh absorbs Elena’s powers, their enemy will be unstoppable.

Their one point of light is Terzhel, Elena’s son. The tiny, mute boy is gifted. Perhaps one day his powers will be as strong as his mother’s. For now, their company must move on to Queyon for the sake of the children rescued from Anakh’s camps.

When they arrive in the Elrodanar haven, the Guardians are stunned to find Elena alive and waiting for them. Somehow she passed through Anakh’s void unscathed and emerged more powerful—and still with child.

Anakh also survived the confrontation. Burning with vengeance, she continues to amass strength, eager to destroy all that Elena holds dear.

As Elena nears childbirth and realizes she cannot defeat her nemesis alone, powers begin to emerge among the rescued children. Guardians, Elrodanar, and allies old and new must work together to help the children heal, hone their gifts, and find a way to annihilate Anakh, or there will be no future for Elena’s newest child—or the rest of their world.

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