Book 1

Shattered-by-Shadows-front-cover-final Ebook,contrast, tint, gamma


“Giara’s mind tumbled,

  fighting to find its way back into her body.

As her eyes slid open,

she searched for clues as to how long

she’d been gone this time…”

Bred and raised as a Gille d’Zhajh, a pleasure girl, Giara has spent seventeen years enslaved to the perversions of others. When patrons carry her off to a secluded, magical forest for a week of brutality, Giara attempts to end her life. But woodland spirits intervene, leading two Guardians of the realm to set her free.

Celdorn, the Lord Protector of the Shalamhar, thinks he must be hallucinating when the swarthy woman they rescue runs away from them and transforms into a teenager then a small child, who wordlessly lays her hand on his heart and awakens emotions he thought long dead. Tortured by past failures, Celdorn has never married, never thought about being a father—until now.

When the Guardians take Giara to a training stronghold full of men—kind, respectful warriors who want nothing more than to help her recover—she is certain she has gone mad. Not only is she losing time again, but the Guardians think she is a Rahima, a shifter, a race not seen in over a millennium. Giara must learn to trust Celdorn and his men—and more importantly, her own mind—in order to stop Anakh, the woman who crushed her life, before she destroys any more innocents. The journey will take Giara into the darkest places of her soul to reconnect with fragmented parts of herself and uncover the powers hidden there—arcane powers for which she is now being hunted…

$1 from every book sale is donated to help domestic survivors of sexual trafficking.

Available through Amazon.

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